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'I have just spent the best week with you! We learned so much and I am very sad to be leaving. You have made me feel so special and been so welcoming and a HUGE inspiration. I would love to come back one day'  Y.P. 19/9/10

Always wanted to write but drowning in uncertainty? You're not alone. Most participants felt like that before they took the plunge at Write here in France! picked up their pens and found they could write. Write here in France! gives you all the support you need.
We're always expanding: new places, new courses; there's something for everyone who wants to write.

Please visit the Write here in France! blog to learn more about daily life in this part of France and to read some of Sharon Colback's short stories.

Learn to Write Online... Want to learn creative writing, working at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home? Learn to Write Online is the answer. A twelve-week creative writing distance learning course, with personal feedback from your tutor, Sharon Colback. View website for details.

2013 Workshops

University of Cape Town Summer School                     

21st to 25th January

Muizenberg, Cape

4th to 8th February


3rd week of March.


July and August.

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Whether you take part in a workshop or enjoy the course online, Write here in France! is a practical, fun, highly motivating creative writing course. It lays a solid foundation for writers with a dream but, often, with little practical knowledge of the craft. Each participant finishes the course with a completed, polished piece of writing. Usually it is a short story which has emerged effortlessly, using the tools you have acquired.

You might  have an idea for a novel which has been spinning around in your head, maybe for years. You are guaranteeed to leave the workshop with an outline and a chunk of written work, perhaps a chapter or two out of your head and on the page.

Whatever your aims and experience, let your imagination rip at Write here in France. This creative writing course will help you to achieve all your goals.      

Martrin, France